Rejuvenation of a Stationery Maniac

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What is a stationery maniac? A stationery maniac is a person who enjoys collecting and purchasing stationeries for pleasure of just having them. They do utilize the items they purchase, but their purpose behind their purchase is fueled on the pleasure of having pen set from a particular brand, specific type of notebook, etc.

I am indeed no exception. I personally love shopping in-stores and online for new, cute, and interesting stationeries. Sometimes, the items I buy are things I already have from a different brand; however, the curiosity and desire to collect is overwhelming and pleasureful.

Recently, I’ve been eyeing a particular website because of their incredibly cute stationery collection. It’s called, “MochiThings.”


Simply by the logo itself, it just screams cuteness! I am curious to why the site was named “mochithings.”

These are some of the adorable stationeries the website sells. It’s so tempting to swipe my card; however, I’m trying my best to control my craving at the moment.

I wanted to share this place with everyone so that I’m not the only one enjoying the fun. Just by scrolling through the site makes me smile and fills my soul with happiness.


I guess, I am a stationery maniac by heart? 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful day & see you all on my next blog!

Recent Series of Excitement

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Recently I’ve started to catch up on my long-awaited kdrama fun. It’s been such a long time since I last watched one, so I guess I had a lot of craving stored up. These are the korean drama series I have been enjoying. I’ve finished all of them except ‘Cinderella and Four Knights.’ Each drama has their color and feel. I personally love how direct and more modern these new dramas are. I think drama contents are becoming more aggressive, expressive, and vibrant than before. It’s definitely more eye-catching and makes me anticipate the next episode more than ever!

If you never tried watching one korean drama in your life, check these out. If you’re into action type of films, check out ‘The K2.’ If you’re into lovely love stories, check out ‘1% of Something’ or ‘Cinderella and Four Knights.’ If you like action, traditional feel, check out ‘Scarlet Heart, Ryeo.’

These definitely have made my day!

Scent of Autumn

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The neighborhood I grew up in had evergreens so I didn’t really see a lot of trees change their coat colors too much. So witnessing the change during my stay in North Carolina is fascinating and beautiful.

Wishing everyone a very special holiday and a safe journey to meet beloved family members!

I am what I eat

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There’s a saying like this:

“You are what you eat.”

When I first heard this phrase, I didn’t understand it. However, after being apart from home for the longest I have ever been (6 months), I can say that I definitely understand. Before I knew it, the cultural food I took for granted became part of me. Just after a week of eating unfamiliar food, I thought of home and regretted all those times I complained about eating the same Korean food all the time. As I was looking back, I realized those tantrums were very childish and conducted with lack of careful thought and consideration. Basically, I did not know what I was talking about.

Now I learned to appreciate the things I had, the moments I made with the people around me, and the common Korean dishes I took granted for.

These two are some of the Korean dishes I tried at local Korean Restaurants around my area. I savored each bite and as the flavor seeped into my tastebuds, it reminded me of home and those precious to me.

I believe this is a great experience for me to really understand and grow from.


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I’m just a simple girl, who just wants a space to express, create, and learn more about myself through this platform. I don’t really have a set theme or concept, what I do know it this, “Let’s just have fun!”

That will be our little motto. Just have fun! Short, simple, and understandable. I hope you will come join me on my little quirky adventure through this thing we call “life.” Let’s fill it with love, peace, and happiness. And maybe a little hint of sweetness? Teehee~

Well, that’s it for now. See you all real soon! Bye bye 😀