I am what I eat

There’s a saying like this:

“You are what you eat.”

When I first heard this phrase, I didn’t understand it. However, after being apart from home for the longest I have ever been (6 months), I can say that I definitely understand. Before I knew it, the cultural food I took for granted became part of me. Just after a week of eating unfamiliar food, I thought of home and regretted all those times I complained about eating the same Korean food all the time. As I was looking back, I realized those tantrums were very childish and conducted with lack of careful thought and consideration. Basically, I did not know what I was talking about.

Now I learned to appreciate the things I had, the moments I made with the people around me, and the common Korean dishes I took granted for.

These two are some of the Korean dishes I tried at local Korean Restaurants around my area. I savored each bite and as the flavor seeped into my tastebuds, it reminded me of home and those precious to me.

I believe this is a great experience for me to really understand and grow from.

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