Rejuvenation of a Stationery Maniac

What is a stationery maniac? A stationery maniac is a person who enjoys collecting and purchasing stationeries for pleasure of just having them. They do utilize the items they purchase, but their purpose behind their purchase is fueled on the pleasure of having pen set from a particular brand, specific type of notebook, etc.

I am indeed no exception. I personally love shopping in-stores and online for new, cute, and interesting stationeries. Sometimes, the items I buy are things I already have from a different brand; however, the curiosity and desire to collect is overwhelming and pleasureful.

Recently, I’ve been eyeing a particular website because of their incredibly cute stationery collection. It’s called, “MochiThings.”


Simply by the logo itself, it just screams cuteness! I am curious to why the site was named “mochithings.”

These are some of the adorable stationeries the website sells. It’s so tempting to swipe my card; however, I’m trying my best to control my craving at the moment.

I wanted to share this place with everyone so that I’m not the only one enjoying the fun. Just by scrolling through the site makes me smile and fills my soul with happiness.


I guess, I am a stationery maniac by heart? 🙂

I wish everyone a wonderful day & see you all on my next blog!

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