Best Drama for Someone who lost their appetite!

Recently I’ve been watching korean dramas that really make you want to eat. It’s a korean drama basically revolved around eating!

These two dramas are: Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다) and Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo (혼술 남녀).

Here are some photos from Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo:

Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo is a drama about this very well-known tutor loving to drink solo. He has his own rules and standards when it comes to drinking solo-like not exceeding the alcohol percentage of 0.08%. Just watching these characters devour the food, makes me drool~!

Here are some pictures from Let’s Eat:

If you really lost your appetite, you definitely should watch this. This drama features characters, who love love LOVE eating. One of them is actually a famous food blogger known for posting up pictures of the empty bowls and plates he finished. This is to show just how delicious the food was. Every meal scene in this drama is to die for. It makes me want to run off and eat the same thing.

Definitely recommend this drama to those who want to see people eating food so deliciously!

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