Mad Hatter

I’m a mad hatter. Why? Cuz I just love hats. I think hats can really give a different vibe to a ordinary outfit. Think of it as a spice-a particular spice I’m just obsessed over.

From fedoras to floppy hats to simple baseball caps, I love them all.

A simple outfit of jeans and a t-shirt can be given a new vibe with a hat. In fact, that vibe can be varied depending on what kind and what color of hat you choose.

As someone, who grew up under the sunny rays of SoCal sun, I know how scorching the heat can be. To protect your face from burning, a hat can be also a lifesaver.

I think everyone should have a neutral color hat in their wardrobe. It just makes life a lot easier and a little more fashionable.

By just topping an outfit off with a tan/beige/white brimmed hat, can give it a more sunnier look. And don’t forget the sunglasses~!

Black and burgundy color hats are an awesome addition as well. Black adds more boldness to the look, also giving a little more of a sophisticated feel. Burgundy adds a pop of color without it being too much “in-you-face.”


One of my favorite hats in my collection has to be this red bowl hat, with little ears at the top! It’s just so cute and makes a great statement piece in an outfit. This is the hat I am wearing in my profile picture. I am so glad I bought it, because I know for sure, that I will be wearing this little boy a whole lot!

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