Fashionable + Essential Trend

What’s fashionable, yet essential at the same time? Glasses

Glasses are an essential part of a person’s life. It not only corrects blurry vision, but it also is used to correct astigmatism, correct depth perception, and much more.

These days, glasses are becoming more than just a vision corrector. In fact, glasses are becoming more trendy that some people wear non-prescription glasses just for fashion.

I wear glasses myself. Not because for fashion, but for necessity.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a rise in a particular style of glasses.

These circle glasses are so in these days. A lot of people are gravitating towards these iconic, yet simple circle glasses.


It is said that this trend was once popular during the golden days of Harry Potter. The trend sort of sloped down for a bit and now it’s making its way up the fashion ladder.

A lot of asian pop stars are favoring these circle glasses for their simple, effortless cuteness factor. It also helps them look studious without giving up on the quirky, cuteness.

These glasses are great for people especially with slim, narrow face shape. This is because the circular shape of the glasses makes a good contrast with their narrow, pointy jaw line. Circle is also generally a very friendly and comfortable shape. It’s not pointy or rough. So it adds a feel of comfort and friendliness as well as cuteness to a person’s appearance.

Another great factor about these glasses is that the thin frame. The thin frame won’t have as much weight as some thicker glasses frames, meaning it wouldn’t weight down on your nose bridge as much. This is great because although the weight of a pair of glasses may not be much; however, over time, it can create a bent or dent on the nose bridge due to the weight of the frame pressing on your nose bridge over long period of time.

Overall, I think this comeback trend is indeed something really eye-catching and cute. I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair as well.

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