New Years

Just taking a few moments of my life to reflect on my past year.


1. What did you learn about yourself this past year?

With faith and trust, I can do anything.

2. Which relationship(s) meant the most to you this past year and why?

  • Rock Climbing + Church brothers and sisters. They are my inspiration, encouragement, and role models. They are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up.
  • Battles: I will never forget the moments I shared with my army battles. It was hard back then, but it makes me smile and feel proud now.

3. What was one of the biggest challenges you faced this past year and how did you handle it?

I would have to say basic combat training. It made me come out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would be able to do.

  • Shoot a gun
  • Crawl under fire
  • Gas chamber
  • Smoked – since my last name is Ham, it became ‘smoked ham.’
  • Bacon – got a nickname ‘bacon.’


4. What was one of your proudest moments?

  • Successfully completing basic training

5. What was one of the most meaningful compliments? Why?

Someone told me this recently,
“You have a gift and you need to share it with the world.”

6. What did you do for fun? Favorite memories?

I rock climb for fun. It’s the best thing when you’re stressed and want to rest your mind on something else.

My favorite memory has to be when I saw the MEDVAC helicopter take off to rescue soldiers. Just watching the helicopter take off with the  medics was amazing!

7. If you could change one thing from this year what would you change? Why?

There were moments when I wanted to take back the decisions I made and things I’ve done; however, now that I look back, I don’t want to change anything. Without the mistakes I’ve made and things I’ve done, I wouldn’t have learned and experienced everything I have today.

8. What was the most meaningful thing someone did for you? You did for someone else?

  • I met someone, who helped me open up more and help me be the person I am today.
  • I think all I did was listen to my brothers + sister’s concerns

9. Brag about 1 of the compliments? Which + why?

One of the sergeants during my AIT Phase 1 site told me that I was always so bright and smiley. My bright attitude makes them smile and looks good.

It was a very unexpected and it made me realize that I had that kind of effect.

10. What is the best advice you could give yourself for next year?

“Have faith and go for it!”

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