Water Bottle Trend

Have you noticed various variation of water bottle designs all over the market?

Why is that?

It’s because water bottle is a item many people carry around for essential purposes. A water bottle is no longer simply a container for holding water, but also part of a fashion.

My requirements for my water bottle would be:

  • Fashionable
  • Leak-proof
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to carry around
  • Thermal (optional)

While studying or just walking around, cute and fashionable water bottles have become the norm.

There are so many different kinds that you can probably find a water bottle that will fit your needs to a T. If not, you can even customize your own as well.


This has been an ongoing trend for awhile, now a new trend has been on the rise:

“Portable juicer”

For me personally, ever since seeing Apollobox promoting a portable juicer cup all over social media, different variations have been popping up all over the place.

In fact, some look exactly the same!

Like these three… Don’t they look exactly the same except the logo imprinted on it? Yup! Their prices aren’t exactly the same, but around similar range. But it’s funny how one sells better than the other.


As for me, I personally have the one of the right with Z on it. The reason for choosing that particular one was because it had more positive customer reviews on amazon.com.

These little juicer cups are easy to clean and use. I personally like how I can juice it right before drinking it. I used to only drink freshly blended juices at home, because if you take it with you, the components of the juice would separate. This juicer make it possible to drink freshly juiced nutritious drink on the spot.

I believe this would help promote healthy drinking habits, coloring things up with various fruits and vegetables.

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