Pocket-able Lifesaver!

As the world is advancing rapidly, the need for our phones to stay alive is crucial. Even little elementary kids these days go around their school campus with a smartphone of their own.

Have you noticed how everyone is waiting in line with their eyes glued to their phone? Or seen a little kid focused on a smartphone or any technology device as if their life depends on it?

This is how much technology has been integrated into our lives.

How do I keep my phone alive throughout the day without any worry?

The solution is simple : Portable charger

Portable chargers are products that enables us to charge our phones or any electric device without being locked down to a wall plug. These started coming out in very simple design like the ones above.

Nowadays, these come in very adorable and cute design. Some are very creative and some even ridiculous.

These are very cute indeed. Now these have become some-what of a fashion statement as well.

I personally carry my portable charger around in my bag and charge my phone whenever needed.


mAh stands for “milliamp Hour” and is a unit for measuring electric power over time. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last. Likewise, it is important to check the mAh capacity of the portable charger and your phone before making your purchase.

Your goal is to purchase a portable charger that has more mAh than your phone.

Here are some mAh information for the latest phones out on the market:
iPhone 7 : 1,960 mAh
iPhone 7 Plus : 2,900 mAh
iPhone 6s : 1,715 mAh
iPhone 6 Plus : 2,750 mAh

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : 3,600 mAh
Google Nexus 6P : 3,450 mAh
Google Nexus 5X : 2,700 mAh
LG G3 : 3,000 mAh

Chargers that look long and skinny like this typically have mAh around 3350.

Chargers that are bigger and typically looks like this typically have about 10000+ mAh.

I personally have a charger with 10000mAh. It can charge my phone throughout the week with no problem. After fully charging it, it can last forever. From all the portable chargers I’ve used, chargers will high mAh (10000+) work the best!

I recommend in investing in a portable charger. It will definitely save you!

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