Best Solution for Chap Lips

Are you currently suffering from chap lips? Have you ever suffered from it?

I consider lip care to be one of the most important one.

I’ve gone through different brands; however, I found one that works the best in any occasion.

#5 : Maybelline’s Babylips

Maybelline’s Babylips is another lip care/styling product people enjoy. For me personally, this product works on and off. Sometimes it makes my lips chapped rather than helping it. This should be used as more of a lip tint than a moisturizing lip care solution.

#4 : EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balms are very cute and has a very unique design that sets itself from apart from it’s competitors. However, the first waxiness from the initial use after removing the packaging. So it has repelled a lot of people because of that.

#2 : Burt’s Bees Chap Stick

Burt’s Bees is another lip care product a lot of people look towards. There are various variations out on the shelves; however, the original works best.

#1 : Carmex Chapstick

From all of my years of using lip care products, this one has been the best and most helpful. It kept my lips from ripping and bleeding throughout my time in the military as well. It may not have the best taste, fragrance, and packaging, but the outcome and effects of the product is the real deal.

Which lip care product do you enjoy using on a day to day basis?

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