Skilcraft Permanent Impression Marker – Review

Skilcraft is a well-known brand that seems to be in business in all sorts of categories. From office supplies to printer cartridges, you name it. They even make clocks! Today, I will be unwrapping my impression and experience using Skilcraft’s Permanent Impression Marker. I really like the name. It’s pretty cute/clever how they named it Permanent Impression because […]

H Mart – Cary, NC – Review

H Mart isn’t something new, but it is to this area. This H Mart was established just recently and is the new Hot&Popular shopping/grocery spot to people dwelling in/around the area. Address: 1961 High House Road, Cary, NC 27519 Phone: (919) 535-5900 Web: Hours: – Mon-Sun: 9:00AM~9:00PM Bike Parking: Yes Accepts Android/Apple Pay: No The front exterior of the […]

Still No Fix?

As many people may be able clearly see this world developing more and more into a technological world, there has been something that’s been bothering me for awhile. I’ve been an Apple fan and user ever since grade 2 and am currently age 20. That’s a long time. In fact, Apple’s been my go-to/comfort technology […]