Vietnamese Restaurant – Review

Today, I found myself in a pickle trying to decide where to go exploring. Then I found a Vietnamese restaurant not too far off. It was sort of attracted to it because their very candid choice of name: Vietnamese Restaurant!

Address: 5352 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28303
: (910) 867-1108
: No
: No


When I walked in, I was welcomed by two staff members. They must’ve noticed I was korean, because the korean lady came to serve me. She spoke to me in korean in a polite manner. She first reset the table so it was for one-person and offer me anything to drink. I just got my usual go-to: water :).

She gave me plenty of time to look through the menu and came to me when I was ready.

I ordered:
– 1 Home Special Fried Rice
– 1 Combination Fried Rice (to-go)

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted, but it caught my eye that they actually labeled this as the “home special” dish. So I figured I would give it a try.

The dish came out fairly quickly in a simple white plate with red, decorative design around the edges. I’ve tried plenty of fried rice dishes from various Vietnamese restaurants back home in California. I sort of expected this one to be on the salty side, but it wasn’t. I had to scold myself for being so quick to judge. The rice was flavored just enough not to overpower the other ingredients. The rice and the various meats (shrimp, pork, chicken) went well together. Good balance indeed.

This dish didn’t seem to be made with MSG… because if I eat anything with MSG, I tend to drink a lot of water throughout the meal; however, I didn’t reach for my glass of water until I was done with my meal. I only took 2 sips and that was it.

As for the to-go Combination Fried Rice, it was packaged inside a typical to-go container and then wrapped within a smiley-face plastic bag–I thought that was cute. I ate it for dinner later on and it was just as good.

One thing I especially loved about this restaurant is that it wasn’t smelly. My usual worry about going to Vietnamese is of getting the strong smell of the food on my clothes (like pho)… but it was completely different. The restaurant was very clean and the smell of the food from other party was unable to be detected. My clothes didn’t stink after leaving the restaurant either. The entire place seemed to be well-ventilated so that was additional plus!

The staff was overall polite, nice, and very helpful except this one lady with glasses. She showed up towards when I was about to leave. She had a rude way of communicating. I figured it was the whole rude-asian thing. (In asian culture, showing respect to those older than you are big. So if some people find out that they are older than you, they sort of be rude to you because either way they know you would show respect to them). She only became slightly nicer after I she swiped my card lol. Can you believe that? She had that slight grin and I was half amused and half dumbfounded.

Overall, the food seems to be good. The service isn’t bad either. The environment in which you will be dining in is clean and well-ventilated. Don’t worry about getting too smelly unless you order something that has a strong scent.

I would give this place 4/5 stars.

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