Still No Fix?

As many people may be able clearly see this world developing more and more into a technological world, there has been something that’s been bothering me for awhile.

I’ve been an Apple fan and user ever since grade 2 and am currently age 20. That’s a long time. In fact, Apple’s been my go-to/comfort technology for more than half of my life.

Apple has been very successful and has clearly situated itself among the top of the technology realm. Even though there are a lot of competitors, there’s still extremely high number of consumers in each of their product category. They do a very good job advertising, designing, producing, and developing their products. Seeing how much Apple has come since their first iPhone, they’ve definitely/undoubtedly made so much progress. However, I still have a question to a certain piece that seems to have been neglected by Apple producers and developers when upgrading their iPhones every year.



That problem is: The WEAK Home Button.

iPhones have been having this problem for several years now. Just googling it will give you hundreds of articles on complains of weak/broken home buttons and ways to have a “virtual home button” with assistive touch.

I find it very amusing how Apple is able to develop very interesting/new programs and technology such as 3D Touch, but can’t seem to fix their home button problem. You would think it would be fixed by now right? There are still people with home buttons problems.

I was initially surprised to find that so many people were having home button problems. To be honest, I never had a home button problem before. It never broke or stopped working. I believe it might be a product defect, but judging by how many people complain about this is enough to raise the eyebrow at Apple, especially when it’s been couple years since the problem rose to the surface.

Maybe Apple can develop a sturdier home button to add to their next iPhone line up?

Why focus on the home button problem? How do you usually get back to your home screen from wherever you are on your phone/app? Most people press the home button. In iPhone case, there’s ONLY the home button, so you sort of have no choice…unless, you want to tap the upper left corner to backtrack. In this fast-pace society we live in, there’s no way people will wait to back-track each step to get back to their home screen. So home button is needed. You can also it’s a necessity .

I have a feeling that Apple can go 2 ways about this:

  1. Make a better/sturdier home button
  2. Remove home button entirely (like the headphone jack)

Which direction Apple decides to take is entirely up to them, but don’t you think they should do something about it already?

This problem seems to have been rising since iPhone 4. We’re currently in iPhone 7 season. So that’s been quite a long time.

This was my take on this issue. What do you think about this? Please comment below about what you think about this.

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