Pilot Frixion Pens – Review

Ever wished you could write with pens, but also erase when you make mistakes? Do you just prefer writing with pens than pencils?

I personally love writing with pencils because it can be erased, but a downer is that it’s not very reliably-permanent. If you know what I mean. So I would always write with a pencil and then go back to trace it back with a pen, but to be honest, that’s just way too much work. And who seriously has time to do that nowadays?

What’s the solution for that? – Erasable Pens!

Yes, it’s real and it’s been out for awhile, but it grabbed my attention till recently when I accidentally picked up a pack of Pilot Frixion Pens to replace my Pilot G2s.

Why is it an accident? I didn’t read the “erasable” part written on the package, but it was those good accidents.

How to Operate: First timers will become confused to how to get the pen to “click” and work. The eraser is located at the end of the pen so that clicker is the clear piece on the side. 

Variety: This pen comes in diverse color options. So if you like to write with multiple colors, you’re in set with different package options bundled with assorted colors.

How it Writes: It writes pretty smoothly with a slight murkier ink color. The black isn’t really black. It’s more of a dark grayish color. I believe that is because it is mixed with the erasable material.

I wrote on a piece of sticky note to show you. The picture sort of shows the ink color to be very black, but it’s not. It’s actually slightly more grayish. Compare to Pilot’s G2 Gel Pens, this pen definitely falls behind in the pigment department. However, it’s not too bad.

Frixion makes up for it’s lack of pigmentation with it’s ability to erase, which you cannot do with the G2.

Erase Duration: Rest assure that the eraser lasts longer than the pen ink.

– When erasable pens were first introduced, the main problem was that the eraser died out before the ink ran out. So it was pointless after the eraser died. This pen’s eraser erases well, without losing it’s shape and dying out too quickly.

So you could say it’s a pencil-like pen.

Note Taking?: I can see this pen to be a very good note taking pen. With it’s ability to erase, while still being a pen, I’m sure it will attract a lot of consumers. No more worries about having to cross out mistakes that makes the notes look messy. Instead, just erase and continue on! Also, there are some assignments that require to be done in pen. So you can totally use this without having to toss paper if you make a mistake.

Business?: This is a very good pen to use in this department as well. Because it is correct mistakes, it can be a good addition to the pencil holder collection. Jotting down quick notes and taking notes during meetings with this pen will be ideal. If you’re doing inventory of some sort and you happen to make mistakes, you can just go back and fix it up nicely & neatly.

Overall, this pen is a great pen to have if you are the pen-type and looking for good note taking utensil.

I would give the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens 5/5 stars.

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