Skilcraft Permanent Impression Marker – Review

Skilcraft is a well-known brand that seems to be in business in all sorts of categories. From office supplies to printer cartridges, you name it. They even make clocks!


Today, I will be unwrapping my impression and experience using Skilcraft’s Permanent Impression Marker.

I really like the name. It’s pretty cute/clever how they named it Permanent Impression because it’s a permanent marker that they want to make a strong/good impression to their consumers.

Now, when we typically think of a permanent marker, this comes to mind:


Yes, Sharpie has pretty much dominated the permanent marker field. There’s even counterfeit sharpies lol.


Initiation: I started to use this because it was the only permanent marker available at the office.

How it Writes: It has a nice, thick size line. The ink is very pigmented and vivid. The felt tip has a good balance of sturdy and flexible, which makes writing with it a breeze.


Bleeding: It’s a permanent marker… it does bleed. And it does make it’s permanent presence known! 🙂


Size Comparison: I took extra steps to compare sizes to give a better idea of it’s size. Since a size of an object can factor into whether you should buy it or not. It’s definitely on the thick portion side. You can see it’s a bigger than the size of a G2 pen, but similar to Hi-Liter.

Overall, this is a very good permanent marker if you’re into trying a different kind than Sharpie. I’m sad it’s being overshadowed by their big competitor, Sharpie. I hope it surfaces to take notice from other people, too.

I would give Skilcraft’s Permanent Impression Marker 5/5 stars.


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