Temptations at Your Fingertips

Ever since I was little and had control over my little thoughts, I had this abnormal attraction to stationary. I love collecting pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, pencil cases, and equivalent even though I have so much at home already. I always must try out the new set of pens that just came out or something. The world defines people with these symptoms as being a Stationery Maniac. And yes, I definitely am one.

There is a particular store I’ve always gone to since when I was little because this place has been around for so long. I do like buying hipolymer erasers and G2 0.5 pens at local Target; however, I have to say asian stationary has their own magic.

Recently, I felt the need to get 1 additional pencil to my pencil case. So I set my car in the direction of my favorite stationery store: Morning Glory.

The front entryway is very simple with lowercased store name in pinkish-red up top greeted by couple giant, stuffed plushies by the window. (They honestly tug at my heartstrings). Once you look in from the doorway, this is the view you’ll see.

From cute gift-wrapping essentials to pencil cases, cups, keychains, phone/car accessories, dolls, and pens, they have the whole-sha-bam!

If your friend or lover has love for cute asian stuff or unique drink ware, there you go. Variety of selections like panda to penguin to Rilakkuma.

Don’t like the pencil cases they sell at Target? What about these cute character ones. There’s even bus-themed ones. What about the dolls? Any special occasions coming up?

These planners and notebooks are just candy to my eyes. Why are they so cute!!! Makes me want to scream and buy everything! (if I had all the money in the world lol).

My favorite part has to be this section with all the mechanical pencils and pens. You are able to test them out and go with it. Prices vary so make sure to check out the prices posted on each little shelf. But I love the pens because they work and they don’t typically bleed though my pages, which takes a lot of worry off my shoulders. 🙂

Are you in search for new stationery? Not satisfied with your current pencil? I definitely recommend this place. It has been my favorite stationery place since elementary days and still is.


Have you ever gone into the store to buy only one thing but you come out with more than what you originally intended to buy? That’s exactly what I happened. I got a black bow mechanical pencil and two double-sided pens (blue & red). Can’t wait to start using these and take notes with them.

Thank you for listening to my rant. That’s just how passionate I am about them.

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