I am back

Hello! This is AngieHamie reporting in after a long period of time of “no post.” I did not leave nor have I stopped adventuring for food. I recently returned home from my military service and I was trying to catch up with school, work, and friend/family before engaging in more of what I love doing. I apologize for just leaving. BUT I am back!

I'm Back

I am back with more interests and content. My area of focus in this blog would be food, fashion, and creative DIY adventures. I can’t wait to start sharing with you all the places I’ve been to and my own feedback of each location. I also can’t wait to share with you all the knowledge and recommendations I have for stationery/school supplies and what I thought of each product from a specific brand.

Thank you for those who are patient and understanding. I will continue to sport more feedback because I actually had a lot stored up hahaha.

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