Summer Loving @ Newport Beach, Balboa Pier, CA


I love the state I grew up in. I love it’s brilliant rays and warm weathers with cool breezes despite getting tan from it from time to time. Today I found myself on the road to Newport Beach, California to get some fresh air. I haven’t really been here at an age where I could really comprehend how beautiful and clean it was. I am glad I drove through all the nasty traffic at 5PM to feel the soft breezes, hear the ocean roar and people enjoy time with the families, swim or even fish. 

I’ve been to Huntington and Laguna beach many times. However, I don’t think I’ve found a beach so clean and free of birds such as this one. I felt safe and secure. And finding parking wasn’t bad either. I found a parking instantly as I entered the parking lot. It was great. 


The people were so kind. They were a little skeptical of me asking them to take pictures of me because I was alone haha. When I wasn’t sure exactly which beach or pier I was at, I asked two old couple. They kindly told me that I was at Balboa Pier/Balboa Island at Newport Beach. 

What I love about going on trips to places even if it’s within state, out-of-state, or abroad, is meeting new people, seeing new things, eating different foods, learning about the culture and history of the place, and most of all seeing the love the people express through their smiles for the place they live in. 


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