Adventure to Foodie Paradise

If you thought ice cream museum was it and gone, well… you’re in for another surprise/fun. The Foodie Space is open for gram pics in Pasadena, California for all. I was a bit bummed that I missed the ice cream craze (although I had tickets), but this foodie experience has left me fully satisfied.

Sweet dreams come true to those who stay strong and never give up = aka be persistent!

I am all for spicy stuff haha 😀
It’s one thing to eat pho, but to see it life-sized, was pretty funny.

And y’all should know that I LOOVVEE tea. It’s TEArific!

Wanna pick me up? (haha to go box puns!!)

These are SODA heavy!! haha

Dim Sum one tell you that you’re just amazing?

I know I’ll be getting married soon, but I couldn’t resist posing with this handsome packet of fries. Let me know if you’re part of #friesbeforeguys crew too. I try not to eat too many fried food, but fries are… real hard haha.

Sending NOODS!!!
I want breakfast now…

I personally really enjoyed spending time at the museum with the love of my life and best friend. This isn’t someplace that you need to bring someone romantic. Bring a friend, family, coworkers, etc. Everyone is welcome. Connect with people with something we all have in common :

“We need to eat”

I hope you enjoyed the photos and food puns. I’ll leave the details for this exhibition below so if you are interested, you can go check it out before it disappears~!

Address: 490 Union Street. Pasadena, CA 91101

Parking: There is an actual parking lot dedicated for this museum so do not park on the street, there is FREE parking in the building.

Ticket Pricing:
– Tuesday – Thursday : $20
– Friday – Sunday : $25

** free for children 2 yr old and under**

If you would like more detailed information regarding this exhibition, please head on over to Just like the ice cream museum, this exhibition is for limited time offer only. Tickets for this fun experience is available online. Simply google “the foodie space” and ticket information should populate.

Shout out : Feb 2018 is the FINAL MONTH for Pasadena, CA – the Foodie Space, so please book your time and tickets ASAP.

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