In the midst of all the duties of being a fiance , a student and a worker, I believe it is important to express yourself in the things you do. For me one of those outlets of creative expression is in the outfits I wear.

How I style myself helps me feel a certain way and gives me a sense of happiness in the fact that I prepared and put together something to make myself look good not no one else but myself.

Of course the weather has influence in my decision making, but you should not try to dress too much to impress others, because they can evolve from enjoyment to a joyless job.

Theme: Preppy, School Girl

And since it’s cold, I kept the colors of the outfit a bit more neutral and warm.

This is the same outfit earlier in the day with my backpack on from my school restroom.

I love this outfit because of it’s simplistic, yet super adorable preppy-ness. My accessories are simple as well. I just wore my gold, The Giving Keys, “love” engraved necklace along with my casual hair bands on my right wrist. I wore my Heles’ frame that has a purpleish-pink color at the bottom of the frame for a very slight pop of color.

The fact that this particular short-sleeve, button-down shirt layered underneath my brown vest had a bat-sleeve shape to give my sleeves more of a loose and fuller shape, which I think was super cute.

This is where I got all my items of my outfit:
Top: Forever 21
Vest: Yesstyle
Skirt: idk…
Necklace: The Giving Keys
Hairties: Target
Glasses: Frame Barn Optical
Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Skechers

I don’t recommend this outfit to those on menstruation cycle currently.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely day. I am probably staring at my computer screen at work and talking to patients with a passion to help them to the best of my abilities.

I appreciate you for stopping by and I encourage wherever you are in life or physically located in the world to try and dress for yourself.

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