Love Finds It’s Way to You Eventually

If you are connected to me through social media, you would know that I am now engaged. I still look at the ring on my finger and am amazed at the fact that I am already engaged. (In a good way).

I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to have entered into a relationship so respecting, blessing, loving, and comforting.

Through this post, I wanted share how I got this ring on my hand on my very special engagement Day 1.

It was a particular day in December when we first met each other physically.

The night before we were texting each other what we were doing for this particular night. Josh, now my fiancé, was talking about how I need to try hot chocolate from Starbucks and suggested to go to Irvine Spectrum, eat dinner there and go get hot chocolate. So we went to have dinner at Kabuki. After dinner, we came out and Starbucks was right across from us. Mind you, this was a cold, unexpectedly rainy day in Southern California.

But instead of going over to get hot chocolate, he started to lead me in the opposite direction suggesting “we take a stroll.” And me, not knowing anything, kept asking “why are we not getting hot chocolate when it’s right there.” Then after walking for a bit, we arrived in front of Irvine Spectrum’s iconic, giant magnolia tree with it’s illuminated clock on the floor. Because it was sprinkling, there weren’t a lot people around. Then he said let’s take a picture in front of the tree. He asked this random lady standing alone in the rain waiting for her husband to come back with the food.

Background story: We ask random people to take our pictures a lot so this is not considered weird.

That’s when the lady’s husband comes back and decides to take picture for us. We position ourselves and as they were taking the picture, Josh knelt down and pulled out a small box out of his jacket pocket and proposed to me.

That’s when it hit me.

  1. This exact spot is where we first met.
  2. This is the day we first met

My mind was blown and I found myself smiling when the lady and her husband, who were taking the pictures and watching the whole scene was jumping up and down. Tbh, they were soooooooo jumpy and happy for us that I think they did all of our over-exaggerated reactions for us. haha

All in all, I am so glad I met Josh. And I am so thankful he chose me to be the one.

Thank you for listening to my personal share/rant/brag. I hope that wherever you are in the world, time, and life stage, you are happy.

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