Homemade Chicken Nuggets

By the title of this post, you may have realized that I am not vegetarian nor vegan. I try to eat a balance meal. I try to keep the percentage of vegetables/fruit I consume to be around 70% and rest for meat to be 30%. That’s a general estimate.

This recipe was found due to my laziness to go out of my comfort place to find fast food place to make it for me. I also wanted to see if I can make something less salty and bit more organic and healthier at home.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a chef. I’m a student and a somewhat of a lazy human being. So please don’t sue me if this recipe isn’t to your liking or not satisfying for you. 🙂

STEP 1: Cut the Chicken

Cut the amount of chicken nuggets you want into bite-size pieces.

Make sure the chicken you are using it not past its expiration date or feeling extremely slimy than normal.

For some added seasoning:
1. sprinkle a pinch of salt and garlic pepper.
2. take a hand either covered in a plastic glove of your choice or naked, to massage the seasoning evenly across all pieces of chicken


If you have been having a stressful day, this is a great time to take it out on beating some eggs.

Utensils Needed:
– a bowl
– fork or whisk ( I prefer using a fork)


It’s time for the bite-sized chicken pieces to dive into the mixture of beaten eggs. I utilize a pair of chopsticks for this step, but a pair of tongs are a good alternative.


You’re going to roll each of the egg soaked chicken pieces into a separate bowl with breadcrumbs.

Repeat this steps as necessary to coat all of the chicken pieces in breadcrumbs.

STEP 5: BAKE!!!!

I actually don’t have a particular time for this step. But I did mine for about 15-20 min with the heat on 350 degrees.


When the timer goes off and check that they’re fully cooked, you can finally feast on the homemade nuggets.

Thank for tuning into another blog post of AngieHamie. Catch me around social media, especially instagram @angiehamie for more updates on my quirky life.

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