Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: Worth the money?

I like using technology, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily like the little details regarding the device I am using. So if you can into this blog thinking I was going to go all technical, then… you are at a wrong location. I’m here to tell you about this watch in a plain consumer’s perspective.

Smart Watch Background: I’ve been using smart watches since year 2016 till now. I had an Apple Watch, Fitbit versa, and now Samsung Galaxy Watch.

My experience with my past smart watches
Apple Watch: After just a 1 year into using my Apple Watch, the screen just popped off while I was pretesting a patient in a clinic. That’s right, in a clinic. I wasn’t working out or anything physically strenuous. In fact, I never showered or worked out with this watch because I was afraid that it’ll break. But by the fact that it broke while I was pretesting a patient was just crazy.
– Pros: It is very compatible with any iPhone. You can receive almost any notification from any app on your phone on your watch. You can make or receive calls, which came in handy when I locked myself out of my room. 😛
– Cons: Even after release so many series after their first release of the Apple Smart Watch, it still doesn’t have a feature that let’s you clear all of the notifications at once. It’s insane that they still haven’t put that feature in when all other smart watches have them. No matter how many upgrades Apple Watch goes through, why does it look so fragile and breakable? When I pay $400+ for a smart watch, I would like to use it with no worries of it cracking on me in the process. If they have a fitness feature on the watch, that means it’s created with physical fitness activity in mind. But I still have a suspicion that it is still fragile compared to other smart watches.

Fitbit Versa: I bought this one after my poor Apple Watch passed away. And this works well. It was water proof and it gave me minimal notification that came from all the default applications such as default messaging app. This allowed me to be less distracted. This one died in a way that was unexpected. It wouldn’t charge or turn on one day. And so, I had to say “good bye” to this smart watch that lasted me 6 months. Like really?
Pros: It tracks fitness very well like a Fitbit does. It has a “clear all” notification option.
Cons: Limited notification if you have an iPhone. It only have “clear all” notification option, you cannot clear one at a time.

Sporting my watch everywhere I go

Which model is this one?: The one I have is Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm

Why I chose this particular model: I didn’t have enough wrist space to handle the 46mm and 42mm is the only one that comes in Midnight black or rose gold. The 46mm one is limited in color option because it only comes in silver. Unless you want a silver watch, you’d go for the 42mm.

After dealing with smart watches that die on me a little to quickly because they just break down, I was determined to get one that wouldn’t do that.

“The Galaxy Watch takes on life with military-grade durability, swim-ready water resistance and corning gorilla glass DR++ that prevents the display from getting scratched” – Samsung

That quote up there sold me lol.

Water proof: But the more I use it, the more I love it. I’ve used water proof devices, but you cannot use the screen while wet. However, I am able to use this water effortlessly in the shower or while swimming.

False Spec: It will not last you couple days with a single charge. But it will last you a good 1 and 1/2 day with a single charge.

Fitness: It tracks fitness very well. The Samsung health and fitness app has a built in feature where you can compete with other Samsung smart watch user in terms of steps and fitness as well as self challenge with cute milestone features. There’s also a section to monitor sleep, food, weight, etc.

Two features I really like:
1. You have an option of either clear one notification at a time or clearing everything.
2. You can slide to different slides/features by turning the circle outlining the watch while makes it feel more like a watch. Or you can swipe from side to side.

Would I recommend this product to someone dear? : Yes!

Current Rating: 5/5

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