Glasses Recommendation

I have been wearing glasses since 5th grade up until now. I have to say that these accessories are nothing short from essential. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to function properly. I would even be limited without them.

I worked as an ophthalmic technician and now as a dispensing optician. I wanted to share with you my personal recommendations for glasses.

Lens Material

Some parents may say investing a lot into children vision care is unnecessary; however, that is not true. The way parents show how important taking care of their vision as well as their personal own will help instill good, wise habits for the children later on. If the children see the parent’s negative attitude, wouldn’t that leave a negative/condescending attitude towards vision care to the child? Also, taking care of child vision help to ensure that their visual needs are being met and if any symptoms of certain conditions such as lazy eye is detected, to properly treat them early on.

For children between ages 0-18, by law are required to have Polycarbonate lens material for their glasses.

Polycarbonate in simple terms is one of the safest lens materials out there. It is thinner than plastic lenses and impact resistant with UV protection. It’s like getting the whole ideal package.

Have you observed children before? They’re full of energy and surrounded by lots of energy of other children. To protect their eyes just in case they call or drop their spectacles, polycarbonate is well recommended and required all across the states.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

There are many variety of anti-reflective coatings. The vision insurances will put them into categories such as: A-D and standard-premium. A being standard and D equalling premium.

What I personally recommend is the D category anti-reflective coating with blue light blocking feature.

Blue light is something prominently emitted by the sun that signals our brain that it is day time. That same blue light is emitted by our electronic devices such as cellphone, computer, and tablets.

Do you find ourself using any electronic devices a lot? Even before bed? During work?

Blue light also cuts the production of melatonin. Melatonin helps a person sleep, if you’re staring at your phone at night and the blue light is not only telling your brain it is day time and cuts melatonin level, it will prevent you from sleeping properly.

I personally recommend this for anyone, especially students, children, and anyone who stares at computer monitors all day.

Do you see the purple reflection on my glasses? That’s the anti-reflective coating. I personally love the pretty purple hue that reflects on my lenses.

Will you see the purple hue when you wear the glasses?
No. I wear three different glasses with this coating and I don’t see any purple reflections at all. Instead, ever since I got the coating, my experience in front of an electronic screen has never been better. My eyes are a lot more relaxed and I am able to sleep better at night after being on my phone and computer all day.

Those are the two basic important things I recommend to all my patients. I recommend them not because they cost more, but because I experienced and truly believe that they do make a difference in your vision.

If you wear glasses frequently as I do, that also means that it is important. Without it, you might have trouble concentrating or focusing. Why not invest in something important as your vision?

Vision helps you see and seeing opens doors to other activities. Can you run as well as you are able to without sight? Without your eyes, can you eat, drive, or even go to get groceries? You might be able to adjust and do those activities, but it won’t be the same.

You only have one set of eyes. If you have two working eyes, then you are truly blessed. I’ve seen many who only have one or none at all.

So I want to recommend not only these features to protect and enhance your vision, but also an annual comprehensive eye exam to make sure your eyes are getting the care and attention they deserve.

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