Overwatch Themed Engagement Photos

Hello everyone. I wanted to share our Overwatch Themed engagement photos with you all.

The idea of Overwatch themed engagement photos came from our love for our Overwatch League teams. We tend to find ourselves cheering happily for victory and sometimes grieving from their losses. Nonetheless, ever since we met and till now, Overwatch has been part of our relationship.

As a significant other and fiancé, I believe it is important to try and take interest in something that your beloved is passionate about.

At first, I had no idea what Overwatch was. I lived my life stuck in books, school, and within the fences my Korean mom put up. So coming into this relationship was like going on a wild adventure. I learned a lot.

My perspective of gaming has changed for the better. Due to my mom’s negative experience with games from my biological father, she told me how awful games are throughout my life. So I came to not really associate myself with video games or mobile games in general.

But my fiancé, Josh, helped me open my eyes to how positive games can be. Sure, there may be negative effects, but there are positive outcomes as well. I am so glad I was able to learn and grow from a negative spectator to a positive, cheery, fan of Seoul Dynasty.

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