1 Day 1 Mask Brightening Review

I tried this mask for the first time and I will now share you my opinions about this mask.

For facial sheet masks like this one, it is recommended to use after cleansing your face, toning, and leaving it on for no longer than 15-20 minutes. It is highly recommended not to put these masks overnight or for extended period of time or until it dries, because this can cause the sheet mask to reverse its beneficial effects.

After opening the packaging, I applied the mask after I cleansed and washed my face. I normally do masks late at night so the good effects will have time to soak in overnight after I take it off after 15 minutes.

Texture: The texture of the sheet mask itself was very soft and flexible. There are many different masks out there and I have encountered very tough, rough sheet masks, but this one was on the nice, soft side. I usually like soft, thin sheet masks more because it feels a lot more gentle on my skin and it seems to let more essentials be absorbed more, let my skin breathe more, and allow myself to become more relaxed during the entire masking time.

Scent: The fragrance of the mask was very pleasant and not as strong or apparent compared to most “themed” masks. This mask had a very slight lavender-like scent and nothing more.

During: While I had the mask on, my skin felt very relaxed. It did not itch or burn or sting at all. It also did not cause any redness.

Effects: After removing the mask, my skin was indeed very moisturized and soft. I allowed myself to get a good night’s sleep to allow natural body skin rejuvenation to take place. When I woke up and gently cleansed my face with water and then used my toner.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you all enjoyed the review. The rating I would give this mask would be: 4/5

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