A Friend I can lean on

Ever since I was little, I grew up with a phobia called Ornithophobia. This phobia is not well known because it is not a common phobia. Ornithophobia is the phobia of birds by definition. Studies have known that there are various ranges of severity in this particular phobia. Some are terrified of a particular species or a specific type; however, I fall under the very rare, severest group of this phobia. I mentally, physically, and psychologically cannot handle being in any close proximity to any bird.

Whenever I go out, I am on full alert mode until I go inside my car. I sometimes wish someone would invest something I would somehow keep birds away from me at all times.

When birds are close, I become hyper alert, my heartbeats increase, feel faint, and in worse case actually faint.

This is the reason why I am unable to go to certain places on my own, such as the beach or a neighborhood park that has a pond. I can’t go to zoos or certain marketplaces with lots of birds present. This might the reason why I have avoided going to New York for so long.

The older I got, the phobia became even more severe.

Ever since I met Josh, things changed. He was accepting and understanding of my irrational phobia. And now, he is there for me so we can both share wonderful experiences at a beach or go shopping where there might be birds in the parking lot. He protects me and makes me feel safe. I am so glad to have found someone so understanding and kind.

I have never thought I would be able to go back to the beach to take such photos of me being so free and playful.

I would like to thank my best friend, best supporter, and the love of my life for being there for me, accepting me for who I am, and protecting me in times of need.

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