Trying out Colored Contacts: Air Optix Colors – Green

I have always wondered how I would look like with an eye color other than brown.

I was born with dark brown eyes. They have very strong pros and some subjective cons. So I recently tried out a pair of green colored contacts and here is how I look.

I was surprised at the fact that an eye color can transform the vibe you give. But at the same time I was still me. As much as it fun, it also helped me appreciate my own eye color.

Yes, brown is common, but it’s also very attractive in it’s own way. My fiance, Josh, tells me that because it blends with my pupils, it makes my eyes look really big.

Color: The color is very natural, it is not as pixel-ated as other color contacts I have seen on patients.

Feel: The trials were extremely thin because it does not come with prescription. These contacts also are a bit wider in diameter compared to other non-colored contacts, so it felt a bit strange at first. It definitely needs a little time to get used to. However, after trying it on for the second time, it was just fine. However, I will say that I would rather choose to go with a 2-week color contacts or daily color contacts, but not monthly color contacts

That is because for me, I will most likely just wear the color contacts for a single day use out of the whole month or so. So, it wouldn’t be my main contacts to go to. Therefore, I am leaning towards looking for a daily color contacts I can use for a day and throw away.

The ones I tried is the monthly, but I will soon be back with my impression about Freshlook One Day Color Contact Lenses to give you my feedback on that.

Color Contacts

Color contacts from more reputable, well-known brands do not come in astigmatism prescription. This is why some people who would like to try or wear color contacts are unable to due to their level of astigmatism.

The trial color contacts unfortunately do not come with prescription. This reasoning is probably because these contacts have similar comfort level as any Air Optix contacts that come with prescription. Also the primary reason for trying out color contacts is mostly for cosmetic reasons. Therefore, producing trial color contact lenses are not top priority.

Better to Ask than Never

If you are interested in wearing contacts, but are not too sure if you are able to, it is much better to ask a professional than not try at all. If you go to a private optometry practice, the doctor will usually conduct a regular comprehensive eye exam and contact lens fitting. Then the doctor will let you know, depending on your prescription, if you are able to see just as well in color contacts as regular astigmatism lenses.

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