My Daily Night Skincare Routine

Skincare is just like the words themselves. It is caring for your skin. After long hours of wearing make up or other cosmetic products, the skin needs some time to clean, rest, and recharge for the next day.

Whenever I wear make up I imagine my skin become covered in a layer of product, whether good or bad, I think of it as disabling my skin from fully-being able to breathe.

Let’s look at these three images in sequential order from left to right. Left being my skin when it’s not wearing any make up. The middle one is when I’m wearing make up. The last one is when I wear make up for too long.

GOAL: Take all the make up off completely and make sure all my pores are free of any oils or unwanted debris. (If you don’t cleanse your face too well, it can lead to acne).

1. CLEANSE : I use my favorite gel cleanser from Clarisonic to spread it all over my face and corners. Then I will wash it off with warm water.

2. SECOND CLEANSE: I will use the same gel cleanser but with Clarisonic’s Mia 2 to thoroughly cleanse all of my pores.

3. IOPE PEELING GEL (Sometimes – mostly 2-3 times a week) : Using IOPE peeling gel, I will focus mainly on my nose, chin, and the T zone to clear out some stubborn clogs.

4. MOISTURIZE PART 1: ROSE w/ WITCH HAZEL TONER – I gently spray the toner on my face. I let this settle on my face without using my hands.

5. MOISTURIZE PART 2: HYDRATING JELLY – I pump a dime size amount of product and evenly apply onto my face with gentle pressure. I try not to be too rough with my skin.

6. MOSITURIZE PART 6: WATER SLEEPING MASK – I only need a little bit of this — just a small dosage (about a dime size) to apply onto my face.

– This product was one of the most life-changing products I’ve ever used. My skin used to become dry and flaky at random times of the year. When I used this product, it helped my skin become extremely hydrated, fully, and healthy after a good night sleep. This also allowed my skin to be in tip-top-shape to have make up put on.

7. CORRECTING w/ DRYING LOTION – I use a q-tip to apply Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion onto areas already inflamed with acne. This allows the trouble spots to deflate and perish faster than if I didn’t use it. It normally takes 1-2 days, but mostly 1 day is good enough.

I use the Drying Lotion on top of my moisturizers because I found it difficult to navigate around my dry lotion spots without smudging. Therefore, I just moisturize before correcting.

Here is me today. But let me tell you… I as once covered, I mean COVERED all over in big pimples. I was very impatient back then, so I wanted to just cover my face up as much as possible, not clean as much, and pick on my craters. But I soon realized that I needed to accept myself and love myself as myself. Once I started to become more comfortable allowing myself to roam around without make up more often to allow my skin to breathe naturally, my skin thanked me in the long run.

I understand in the workplaces today, it is professional to wear even a base layer of make up. And I do that much for school and work. But on days, I know I don’t need to go out or just have errands, you can find me just going around with bare face.

I think at the end of the day, true pure is when you learn to love and embrace yourself and not be ashamed to go out without make up. You are beautiful just the way you are. Love your skin just the way it is, be gentle to it, be nice to it, love it, and it will love you back.

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