Sandwich Promotion

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Is it just me or has anyone seen a recent rise in features of Subway in korean dramas lately?


Subway has a special place in my heart. It’s a sandwich home that I visited quite often because it was so close to home. I still remember me, as an elementary student,  happily munching on my 6″ sweet onion chicken sandwich, while waiting for my mom to come home.

Seeing just the logo appear in the dramas I watch sort of caught me off guard. It was quite a nice feeling to have.

These are some pictures from the ongoing, hot drama, Goblin-The Lonely and Great God.

It also came out in The K2.

I just wanted to write about this because, it was very, personally eye-catching and sort of funny in a way.

The sandwich shop that I loved so much being featured in the dramas I enjoy was very nice to see.

Best Drama for Someone who lost their appetite!

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Recently I’ve been watching korean dramas that really make you want to eat. It’s a korean drama basically revolved around eating!

These two dramas are: Let’s Eat (식샤를 합시다) and Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo (혼술 남녀).

Here are some photos from Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo:

Let’s Drink/Drinking Solo is a drama about this very well-known tutor loving to drink solo. He has his own rules and standards when it comes to drinking solo-like not exceeding the alcohol percentage of 0.08%. Just watching these characters devour the food, makes me drool~!

Here are some pictures from Let’s Eat:

If you really lost your appetite, you definitely should watch this. This drama features characters, who love love LOVE eating. One of them is actually a famous food blogger known for posting up pictures of the empty bowls and plates he finished. This is to show just how delicious the food was. Every meal scene in this drama is to die for. It makes me want to run off and eat the same thing.

Definitely recommend this drama to those who want to see people eating food so deliciously!

Current Obsession

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I can’t help but be in love with the current, hot korea drama just making its debut this month. The Goblin: The Lonely and Great God!

This drama grabbed the attention of thousands before it’s first debut on Dec 2nd with various trailers airing everywhere. To make it more lovable, the cast for this drama already stole heart of many prior to airing the first episode.

Main characters of Gong Yoo (playing Kim Shin, the goblin) and Kim Go-Eun (Ji Eun Tak, the goblin’s wife). Those two actor and actress alone is enough to grab the gazes of many, the picks for supporting casts add to the hype. Actor Lee Dong Wook playing role of Wang Yeo-the grim reaper, actress Yoo In Na playing role of Kim Sun/Sunny-the owner of the chicken shop, and Yook Sung Jae playing role of Yoo Duk Hwa. This is basically a “trustworthy” drama with all the amazing actors and actresses making their appearance.

One of the most famous of the cast, Gong Yoo, has made a comeback after a long period of rest. To me personally and maybe for many out there, one of the most memorable dramas Gong Yoo has appeared in has to be Coffee Prince. I don’t know if its just because he shot this drama or his image itself, Gong Yoo has been a coffee model. Just by a simple smile, he is able to melt the hearts of his adoring fans.


The individual characters in drama are very unique and special. Not to mention the adorable loveline between Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak, but there’s also a bromance between Kim Shin and  Wang Yeo, the grim reaper. The little love sparks between the grim reaper and Kim Sunny isn’t too shabby either.

When I first saw the trailers for this drama, I told myself I would wait till it ended to watch it. I’m very bad at waiting for new episodes to come out… but what happens to me? I find myself just waiting till my phone tells me it’s Saturday and Sunday! What’s the most frustrating part? The most frustrating part is when the Sunday episodes ends with a scene, making you feel more desperate for the next Saturday to arrive…

Why must they tease me like this? Do you feel what I feel? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one being teased right here… But nevertheless, I’m so in this Goblin ride. I’m so excited for what happens next! >.<