Hello from the Other Side

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Just uploaded my new video. It’s a simple video of me just saying “hello” to the youtube community. I don’t particularly like binding myself to specific categories to work in. I like to just explore and have fun. But it generally outlines my interests and what you will probably see in my videos and video blogs. Come along with me on my adventures of this journey called life. Let’s encourage and love one another in goodness and truth. Let’s not let negativity consume our lives, but let’s have our positivities shoo-away all the bad things. 

Smile is a beautiful thing

You are beautifully made

You are loved beautifully by beautiful people

Don’t let negativity drag you down

Encourage, not curse

Correct with love, not with pride

And be yourself

Hello From the Other Side.jpg

Click HERE to watch my latest upload!

Thank you everyone and I hope you all have a lovely day~!

Fresh Brothers, Irvine, CA – Review

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April 16, 2018 (Monday)

How I Found Out?: My old church friend told me about it. He was bragging about how fresh pizza from here is. 

Address: 13258 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602
Phone: (714) 598-2828

              Mon-Thurs & Sunday: 11:00am-9:00pm
              Fri & Sat: 11:00am-10:00pm

The exterior of the restaurant looks like this. It is located by the Tustin Market Place and its confusing at first due to shadow that glooms over the signs. However, the environment and the feel of the place is very nice and soothing. Lots of greenery from the plants both on the ground and high up from palm trees. There’s a water fountain display and lots of tables outside with bright yellow parasols for those who enjoy dining outside in the sun. 

The interior is done with the color theme of neutral black, white, and wooden textures to give a clean feel. The countertops are stainless steel. Pops of color for point and hunger-sensation is red and yellow. There are multiple TVs displaying various movies, news, tv shows to cater towards various age groups. The new is neatly organized, but I think it would’ve been better if the two clear menus on the either end would be either white or red, because it was hard to see. 

They have on the wall and off the wall, hand menu as well. I will recommend using the hand menu because there’s pictures to refer to, which helps a lot. So I’d say the menu on the wall is for the formality. 

There’s many options for drinks. Either you chose the bottled options or fountain drink option. I’d say fountain cuz you get more options. There’s iced teas, both sweet or unsweetened, if you’re feeling the crave for some tea. I personally like the clear caps provided for concealing the fountain drink cups, because it allows you to see what you’re drink. (That’s just my thing). It seems like they maintain the place very well because the area with condiments and utensils was very clean. 

After placing your order, you are given a table number to place on your table (only if you are ordering for “here”). Each table comes with its own napkin dispenser, parmesan cheese, and (I believe) Italian seasoning.

What I Got: Personal size Da Works with added pineapple toppings. (Yes, I’m part of the pineapple crew).

It’s the perfect size for one person who can’t eat a whole lot. Even if it is on a small plate, the amount of toppings made for it.

This little dude of a pizza was literally
over an inch thick despite it being a
thin crust pizza. 

I am a vegetable muncher, basically a human bunny. I eat my vegetables raw with no dressing and enjoy the taste and texture of the vegetable itself. So that being said, the vegetables on this pizza was very fresh. Freshly cut and freshly made. I have to say the pineapple bits made things all the more better. 

I have to mention that they were very generous with the toppings. I was thoroughly surprised. 

I got full after my 2nd slice and then was done by my 3rd slice. Overall, my experience at this pizza place was good. 

One thing I didn’t particularly like was how overly cooked my cheese and pepperoni was on top of my pizza. They were all just melted together and I didn’t get the whole cheese stretch experience or got to each my pizza without the difficulty of the whole top of the pizza sliding off. 

Rating: I would give this place a 4/5 stars. 

I am back

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Hello! This is AngieHamie reporting in after a long period of time of “no post.” I did not leave nor have I stopped adventuring for food. I recently returned home from my military service and I was trying to catch up with school, work, and friend/family before engaging in more of what I love doing. I apologize for just leaving. BUT I am back!

I'm Back

I am back with more interests and content. My area of focus in this blog would be food, fashion, and creative DIY adventures. I can’t wait to start sharing with you all the places I’ve been to and my own feedback of each location. I also can’t wait to share with you all the knowledge and recommendations I have for stationery/school supplies and what I thought of each product from a specific brand.

Thank you for those who are patient and understanding. I will continue to sport more feedback because I actually had a lot stored up hahaha.

Temptations at Your Fingertips

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Ever since I was little and had control over my little thoughts, I had this abnormal attraction to stationary. I love collecting pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks, pencil cases, and equivalent even though I have so much at home already. I always must try out the new set of pens that just came out or something. The world defines people with these symptoms as being a Stationery Maniac. And yes, I definitely am one.

There is a particular store I’ve always gone to since when I was little because this place has been around for so long. I do like buying hipolymer erasers and G2 0.5 pens at local Target; however, I have to say asian stationary has their own magic.

Recently, I felt the need to get 1 additional pencil to my pencil case. So I set my car in the direction of my favorite stationery store: Morning Glory.

The front entryway is very simple with lowercased store name in pinkish-red up top greeted by couple giant, stuffed plushies by the window. (They honestly tug at my heartstrings). Once you look in from the doorway, this is the view you’ll see.

From cute gift-wrapping essentials to pencil cases, cups, keychains, phone/car accessories, dolls, and pens, they have the whole-sha-bam!

If your friend or lover has love for cute asian stuff or unique drink ware, there you go. Variety of selections like panda to penguin to Rilakkuma.

Don’t like the pencil cases they sell at Target? What about these cute character ones. There’s even bus-themed ones. What about the dolls? Any special occasions coming up?

These planners and notebooks are just candy to my eyes. Why are they so cute!!! Makes me want to scream and buy everything! (if I had all the money in the world lol).

My favorite part has to be this section with all the mechanical pencils and pens. You are able to test them out and go with it. Prices vary so make sure to check out the prices posted on each little shelf. But I love the pens because they work and they don’t typically bleed though my pages, which takes a lot of worry off my shoulders. 🙂

Are you in search for new stationery? Not satisfied with your current pencil? I definitely recommend this place. It has been my favorite stationery place since elementary days and still is.


Have you ever gone into the store to buy only one thing but you come out with more than what you originally intended to buy? That’s exactly what I happened. I got a black bow mechanical pencil and two double-sided pens (blue & red). Can’t wait to start using these and take notes with them.

Thank you for listening to my rant. That’s just how passionate I am about them.

Water Bottle Trend

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Have you noticed various variation of water bottle designs all over the market?

Why is that?

It’s because water bottle is a item many people carry around for essential purposes. A water bottle is no longer simply a container for holding water, but also part of a fashion.

My requirements for my water bottle would be:

  • Fashionable
  • Leak-proof
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to carry around
  • Thermal (optional)

While studying or just walking around, cute and fashionable water bottles have become the norm.

There are so many different kinds that you can probably find a water bottle that will fit your needs to a T. If not, you can even customize your own as well.


This has been an ongoing trend for awhile, now a new trend has been on the rise:

“Portable juicer”

For me personally, ever since seeing Apollobox promoting a portable juicer cup all over social media, different variations have been popping up all over the place.

In fact, some look exactly the same!

Like these three… Don’t they look exactly the same except the logo imprinted on it? Yup! Their prices aren’t exactly the same, but around similar range. But it’s funny how one sells better than the other.


As for me, I personally have the one of the right with Z on it. The reason for choosing that particular one was because it had more positive customer reviews on amazon.com.

These little juicer cups are easy to clean and use. I personally like how I can juice it right before drinking it. I used to only drink freshly blended juices at home, because if you take it with you, the components of the juice would separate. This juicer make it possible to drink freshly juiced nutritious drink on the spot.

I believe this would help promote healthy drinking habits, coloring things up with various fruits and vegetables.

New Years

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Just taking a few moments of my life to reflect on my past year.


1. What did you learn about yourself this past year?

With faith and trust, I can do anything.

2. Which relationship(s) meant the most to you this past year and why?

  • Rock Climbing + Church brothers and sisters. They are my inspiration, encouragement, and role models. They are the kind of people I want to be when I grow up.
  • Battles: I will never forget the moments I shared with my army battles. It was hard back then, but it makes me smile and feel proud now.

3. What was one of the biggest challenges you faced this past year and how did you handle it?

I would have to say basic combat training. It made me come out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I would be able to do.

  • Shoot a gun
  • Crawl under fire
  • Gas chamber
  • Smoked – since my last name is Ham, it became ‘smoked ham.’
  • Bacon – got a nickname ‘bacon.’


4. What was one of your proudest moments?

  • Successfully completing basic training

5. What was one of the most meaningful compliments? Why?

Someone told me this recently,
“You have a gift and you need to share it with the world.”

6. What did you do for fun? Favorite memories?

I rock climb for fun. It’s the best thing when you’re stressed and want to rest your mind on something else.

My favorite memory has to be when I saw the MEDVAC helicopter take off to rescue soldiers. Just watching the helicopter take off with the  medics was amazing!

7. If you could change one thing from this year what would you change? Why?

There were moments when I wanted to take back the decisions I made and things I’ve done; however, now that I look back, I don’t want to change anything. Without the mistakes I’ve made and things I’ve done, I wouldn’t have learned and experienced everything I have today.

8. What was the most meaningful thing someone did for you? You did for someone else?

  • I met someone, who helped me open up more and help me be the person I am today.
  • I think all I did was listen to my brothers + sister’s concerns

9. Brag about 1 of the compliments? Which + why?

One of the sergeants during my AIT Phase 1 site told me that I was always so bright and smiley. My bright attitude makes them smile and looks good.

It was a very unexpected and it made me realize that I had that kind of effect.

10. What is the best advice you could give yourself for next year?

“Have faith and go for it!”

Time for Everything

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There’s always a best time for everything, including food.

Today, I will be talking about the best and worst time to consume certain foods.


LUNCH: Strengthens immune system + improves skin
DINNER: Leads to mucus formation + disturbs digestion


BREAKFAST: Lowers blood sugar + cholesterol levels
DINNER: Hard to digest + increases stomach acid


DINNER: Helps in faster digestion
BREAKFAST: Makes an empty stomach very acidic


BREAKFAST: Improves digestion + increases metabolism
DINNER: Causes stomach swelling


LUNCH: Lowers the risk of blood pressure
DINNER: Leads to weight gain


SNACKS: Improves digestion + increases metabolism
BREAKFAST: Causes stomach irritation + gastritis

I hope this information will help you make informative decisions during meal times.