These are some graphic design work I’ve done since 2012-present. I have never learned in school, but have done couple projects on my own through my own creative methods.

MAY 2018

DRS Retinal Screening informational images to be displayed on television screen for patient educational purpose.

Information graphics for patient educational purpose on different types of eyewear lens materials.

instagram giveaway

Social media promotional graphic project for May 2018 – June 2018.


Designed to help promote awareness of used glasses frame donation being done for mission work in hopes to help people in lesser fortunate areas of Costa Rica see clearly.

DECEMBER 2017 – MARCH 2018

Consumer educational graphic to make learning more visually appealing and fun in March of 2018.


Created informational visuals for consumers interested in purchasing products with Bellflower roots in January of 2018.

Created a rough logo for Ready2Mukbang company and a flyer for a strawberry fest event for Bravo Gyeongnam in December of 2017.


Worked with a Korean market company of Gyeongnam Province arising in La Mirada, CA and spreading nationwide to create informational graphics for consumers.


Created visuals for new menu items for Boba Ya, boba beverage shop. 


Helped out promote Dollar Monday Special by creating eye-catching, different sale items for every upcoming Monday.

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