LOL Bubble Tea & Coffee – Fayetteville, NC – Review

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This is my 3rd time visiting this place and every time, they don’t disappoint. I think their shop name is pretty funny.

How I Found Out?: My friend told me about by bragging how he got bubble tea through snapchat. Then I looked it up on Yelp.

Why Posting About it so Late?: I was being a turtle these days…

Address: 5044 Yadkin Rd, Ste 101, Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: (910) 758-9439
    Tue-Sun: 11am – 9pm

Bubble Tea (Drink): I’ve tried their Strawberry Slush, Caramel Milk Frost, Green Milk Tea. All 3 of the drinks were all up to standards. I like how they don’t overly sweeten their drinks.

Pudding: The pudding is an optional addition to your drinks. I’ve tried milk & custard so far. Their custard pudding was really good. It had good consistency and flavor, without overpowering the drink’s flavor. Milk pudding had the same consistency as the custard one, except it had a very powdery favor, which was a downer. If you’re trying out pudding, I would recommend going with custard.

Bubble Tea/Boba Pearls: Referred to as bubble tea or boba, this is probably the main reason you go to a bubble tea shop. Their boba pearls were chewy, but slightly more leaning towards the cooked side.

It’s essential to control the temperature and the duration when cooking boba pearls. Overcooking it would loose the chewy texture, but undercooking it would make it too hard and allow it to freeze when it’s inside cold drinks. So finding the very balance and ratio is the key to happy customers. 

Egg Waffle: There are a lot of flavor options to choose from. I chose milk chocolate. It’s very good. The edges are crunchy/soft. The egg part is fluffy and soft. Just a good balance. I actually saved leftovers to eat later in the day and when I tried it hours later, it was still good despite a slight decrease in the crispiness.

Popcorn Chicken: There are spiciness level options to choose from for this one. I went for the spicy option [as always]. I found the little pieces of I think it’s spinach? adorable. The green color creates a nice contrast with the saturated orange tones. Each piece of the popcorn chicken had a crispy exterior and a chewy interior. The spiciness made each bite more enjoyable. I think the cute, hot pink cup it comes in also does a great job of igniting the appetite within you.

Overall, my experience at this bubble tea joint was nothing but excellent. The staff are bubbly, bright, and friendly.

I would give LOL Bubble Tea & Coffee 5/5 stars!

Umami – Fayetteville, NC – Review 

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This place seriously ring out “home” to me. I love the overall chill, neat, yet comforting vibe of this place. 
Today I came to get me some rolls and something to-go.
I had a Spider Roll + Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll

The Spider Roll had a unique appearance. The fried crab created the image of a spider indeed. The color contrast of the yellow-ish tempura and brown from the eel sauce balanced out well. The tempura crab had a good crunch and soft inner content. The roll was delicious and paired incredibly well with the eel sauce.

Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll is my go-to roll wherever. Like the Spider Roll, this was delectable as well. The Tempura shrimp had outer crunch and inner chewy/soft texture. However, it felt quite fresh. Unlike all the other Tempura shrimps I had prior that had dry, instant feeling, this one had freshness to it. It was better than any other Tempura Shrimp I had so far. The presentation was simple, yet refined.

I ordered a Matcha Milk Tea w/ Boba as well. Despite being a sushi bar, the boba here was very good. In fact, the texture of the boba pearls were better than the ones I had at a nearly boba joint. I get an impression that they have an attention for detail and precision. That’s something you don’t usually get from typical restaurants. This is my 3rd time visiting and they never disappoint.

I had Chicken Teriyaki Bowl to-go for dinner. It was just as delicious as the rest of their food. Everything from texture to flavor to presentation had good balance.
The service is good here. The waiter and waitress at this shop along with the kitchen crew are friendly and polite.

Overall, the shop is great when it comes to good and service. The interior is calming and calls out in modern-Japanese feel. I definitely recommend this place if you want a clean, casual, Japanese restaurant with good food.